How to start coding?

Continuing from the previous post, here you will find the answers to the most common questions of beginners. For sure, as a beginner, you have dozens of questions, which is completely normal.
coding first steps
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First of all, Can anybody learn to code? 

Yes. I believe that anybody can learn to code, but unfortunately, coding isn't for everyone. You shouldn't learn to code if you are not like it. You need to be passionate about it. Doing programming thinking of the possibility of money but without passion and idea when you want to really do, always ends badly. You need to love what you do, otherwise, you will fast notice lock of motivation. 

It's very important to try out free online tutorials (which you can find easily on the Internet) before paying for a programming course. You will find out quickly if you like it or not. 
How to start coding?
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Secondly and thirdly, how to start learning to code, and which programming language should I learn first?

Before you will start, you should figure out what exactly you want to get out of coding. Maybe you want to build your own awesome apps or websites, or other projects? Whatever the case, you do not need to feel overwhelmed by the number of languages, or complexity of bits of software you need to use to started coding.

Once you figure out why you want to code, look through the popular languages and decide which one you want to start with Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Swift, Python, Smalltalk, PHP. 

C, C++, these languages are mainly used for creating standalone computer applications such as video games and there are quite difficult to learn for a beginner. 

Java and JavaScript are completely different languages, despite the similarity in their names. You can use them for more interactive websites.

Personally, I started from revising HTML and CSS (there are not programming languages), but as I wrote above you need to decide what to want to do first. 

Set a goal and make yourself a schedule. If you don't have a schedule and an end goal, can be the way more difficult to go from one step to the next step. Plan and organize your work and everything should be easier :). 
How to start coding?
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What about you? Did you decide which language you want to learn first?

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