Starting with HTML and CSS

My journey to becoming a web developer started from revising and learning HTML and CSS. 

It went smoothly, as I mentioned in one of my previous post I was attending in HTML & CSS course a few years ago and also I was using these languages at work from a graphic designer point of interest. 

HTML and CSS are considered the easiest entry points into the coding, and there are mainly useful for developing basic websites, however in my opinion HTML and CSS is definitely the place to start for beginners learning to code. 

What is HTML and what is CSS?

starting with html and css

Let's start with a short definition of HTML and CSS.  

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is it authoring language used to write Web Pages. 

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to define styles for Web Pages, including the design, layout, and variations of display for different devices. 

Once you have practiced for a while of HTML, you will notice quickly that you will need to learn CSS to style it (for example using fonts, colors on the page). Without using CSS your web page will look not really good with the default HTML styling, so CSS is the obligatory next step after HTML. 

I prepared a simple image, which can show you how the CSS works on HTML websites. 

html css basic

I hope it will help you to understand more of HTML and CSS and you will like it. 

Enjoy coding! 


  1. good post thanks, I am starting with html too :)

  2. step by step and we will rich it :D


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